Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday and no rain.....

Yesterday it rained, today it is fine, we are heading over to the Mount to give the wheelchair a go, as it is on a 5 day trial I need to try it out.... if I like it then I ring the physio and it will be mine. Besides a good day to get out of Rotorua it is packed with Ragamuffin here, I kinda wanted to go but maybe next year, we only live 5 minutes from the venue. We will have a look at the shops and also go for a walk along the beachfront on the boardwalk. I need to get some gloves for it though if I am going to push myself, someone recommended fingerless cycle gloves, so will check that out first. I must admit I am a bit nervous/apprehensive bout being out in a wheelchair, cause I don't see myself as that disabled..... especially when I first wake up and am feeling quite good. 

This morning for breakfast we have some ham steaks that need to be eaten, so will have those with an egg and a left over sausage.... lol. I am loving this way of eating and not feeling hungry and also seriously I am not missing the biscuits etc..... still cant believe that as I was a great sugar lover, have had 1 craving last night, but made a milkshake/smoothie with a little milk, icecream (Zilch is the brand) and banana, enjoyed it till after when I felt ill again think it is the milk that makes me feel like that, lucky we have bugger all milk, cause I don't drink coffee or anything, speaking of drinking the water intake is fantastic, I have a little Diet coke with meds in the morning, cause I can not take that amount with water, and a glass at night for the night meds, lunchtime meds with water. 

Anyway off to have a shower, make breakfast and head off for the day. 


  1. Take care and enjoy your day but.... beware. Using your hands to propel a wheel chair is hard work. Be prepared to have someone push you most of the time. You might feel pathetic and helpless but that's better than setting yourself up for serious pain.

    I know they are hugely expensive but you would have been better with an electric chair or a scooter. A scooter would give you the mobility with freedom to get off and visit or walk as you pleased. Also more fun and not quite so looked down on. I never thought to suggest this before but as soon as you said gloves/ bike mittens I thought, Oh! That will not be good.

    Hope all goes well and I'm wrong.


    All the best.

  2. I'm so glad you are enjoying the food Jackie!! Don't forget bananas have lots of carbs so eat in moderation - still way better than buscuits etc though :) I usually have a half (share the smoothie or whatever).

    You are making some really good choices and over time your cravings will get less as will you hunger. Have a great day at the Mount!!