Sunday, January 1, 2012

Start how I am going to end.....

Welcome 2012...... a year I am looking forward too, for a number of reasons. Yesterday David and I spoke about the trip to Aussie we are planning it for March/April 2013 so about 15 months away, which gives us ample time to save, remember we are only on one income at the moment, plus the minuscule amount ACC are paying me...... and we will go to Sydney and stay hopefully 2 weeks. We are going to clean out the garage and sell stuff we don't want and that money will all go towards the trip and any birthday money we get from family will also go in the Sydney fund. I don't really like setting weight-loss goals in a time frame but I would like to lose approx. 30 - 35 kilos in the 15 months till our trip which is about 65 weeks away which averages about 600 grams a week very doable considering a lot of exercise is out. That would make the trip so much more comfortable. Weigh Ins will also change to Fridays as from next week, so this week will only be a 5 day week. 

Have weighed in this morning but not brave enough to tell you the number but pleased I had only put on 900 grams over the Christmas period. Today I have started tracking again with Weight Watchers...... We are planning to go for a drive and go somewhere for lunch today but I am going to make good choices, nowadays most cafe's have at least a couple of healthy choices. Maybe head to Tauranga or the Mount. 

Oh yeah before I forget another goal for this year is to take more photos..... also I have not been doing any makeup or making any effort with my appearance, something I want to change as well, so today will put on some make-up. 

Have heard from the wheelchair people and hopefully that will arrive in the next couple of weeks. 

Yesterday we went for a drive cause I was going to go stir crazy at home and a minute longer at home and god knows what would have happened.... man it pissed down with rain and lots of surface flooding.... anyway a couple of pics nothing to exciting :)

Anyway thats it from me for now catch you later going to do my face for our outing today :)

Well did the make-up felt good...... headed over to the Mount and went to "The Chapel" for lunch in Tauranga was really nice and tracked every mouthful.... also went to the Mount Farmers market, a very small one but got some yummy fresh strawberries and a cucumber that was all...... had a bit of a stroll down the street shops.....

 We also went then to see the cruise ship in..... the rain stayed away it was a really nice day.

Home now and feeling really good about the choices I made......


  1. Have a lovely day together.

    Another grey day but we can make the sun shine in and around us.

    Blessings for 2012

  2. All the best to you for 2012. Planning a trip is exciting. I've never been to Sydney but I bet it will be fantastic!

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR chick, may this new year bring you happiness and health.

  4. Happy New Year what a lovely rainy start eh hope this year brings all our dreams and wishes to fruition...