Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday already......

Yesterday was a pretty good day, went and walked around The Base where the mall is airconditioned, but didn't really look at anything, had lunch there and that was about it. Called in to see my aunty and uncle for a couple of hours that was good to catch up, really must make an effort to go and see them more. Then came home....

By then I was in so much pain, especially in my wrist.... I wonder if it was worth the outing, am still pretty zonked today so no biking I need to recoup. Of course I know it was worth it..... I did enjoy it in a way that you can only enjoy something when you are in pain.

I also think I was a bit dehydrated cause I came home and had water and more water and 3 frujus to help the burning I was feeling.... I don't know about anyone else but I find the frujus wonderful when I have the deep burning pain and cause it is on a stick I don't need to touch the ice block with my hands.

Anyway all in all it was really nice to get out, if only I had, had the wheelchair it would have been so much more enjoyable I think.

I have got my grocery list sorted for the low carb, my only concern is what I can have for ice blocks.... I had already cut back on bread and pasta the last few weeks.

Anyway that me for now as my hands are getting sore....


  1. why not try smoothies. or your own iceblocks.

    I'm glad you're going to give low carb a go. I am loving the results and its so easy. no more obsessing over food. you'll lose that 2 kg target and more.


  2. Hi Jackie - here are some options for you.

    a) keep having the frujus and concentrate on getting all wheat out of your diet first.

    b) try water (or sugar free soft drink) with loads of ice.

    c) make a "slushy" which is crushed up ice with favouring. You could make ice from sugar free drinks and whizz then up to crush.

    d) make your own iceblocks with low calorie drinks (sugar free) or even try using WW jellies made into iceblocks. You can buy those little ice block moulds at most shops.

    Don't stress, frujus are probably the least of your worries!

  3. OK I just checked out the carbs in a fruju - three of them a day put you over your total daily limit for carbs, they are full of sugar!!

    Make your own with diet drink of some sort (or try using the jelly mix with a little more water added and freeze it in those little jelly makers you buy.)

  4. If you only have one a day then that is approx 15-18 carbs. I would try something else if possible because the whole point is to get your blood sugar down - this is what will help with hunger and control cravings.

    You can actually put little iceblock sticks into an ordinary icecube maker in the freezer and make little cold cubes to suck on... even if it is just water!!

    I still think that you should look at the bigger picture which is your overall health first. Weight loss will follow. Wheat is the most important thing to eliminate for now. Slowly... you have a year before your trip so you don't have to try too hard too fast. It is important that whatever you do you can stick with!!