Sunday, January 15, 2012


This time last year I was sitting in the hairdressers chair getting my hair done for our wedding, yip 1 year ago today David and I got married......not doing anything special as we are saving for Aussie :), which happens to be 1 year, 3 months and 5 days away lol. 

Today I did 11 minutes on the bike..... yay :), am going to build up to 15 minutes this week and then start interval training, to begin with will interval train 5 minutes of the 15 and build up till I can do 10/15 minutes and then I will start working up to 20 minutes on the bike and so on till I reach 30 minutes. The good news doing it in the morning, I don't seem to be getting the flare up double yay.... Oh and dizziness on the meds seem to be going admittedly I am on a real low dose but I am in no hurry to increase it so will take it extra slow.... may look at increasing it by 1 med at the end of next week. 

Not much else happening for now, may take the dogs to a park again today will see depends on the weather and how I am feeling, oh and speaking of dogs here are some photos of Chio and Biscuit yesterday at the park....

Biscuit goes on a long rope else she runs away.... they both had a ball :)


  1. Happy anniversary - I hope that you have a fantastic day whatever you decide to do !

  2. I hope you two have had a lovely first anniversary?
    Chico is gorgeous, if I do say so myself! lol