Sunday, January 8, 2012

Surprise Surprise......

It is bloody raining again.... I really am over it!!!!!!!! Ok onto today, not much happening I think with this rain, so maybe a movie day I don't know. The kids arrived home safe and sound yesterday, nice to see them :) Points have been good the last couple of days, having said that the scales were up 200grams yesterday but are back down again this morning.... and you know what for the first time I did not stress cause I knew I had done everything right..... I am hoping that next week the Exercycle will come, they say delivery 5 to 10 days so will be about 7 days by the end of the week, yay I will be able to exercise though it will only be baby steps so not to cause a flare up. Also the wheelchair may arrive next week but am expecting that the week after for some reason.  Oh yeah last night I had a reminder to myself to not overdo things, not that I actually thought I had at the time, but anyway for about 45 minutes I was ill as from the pain.... then I felt sort of ok, then it became worse again,  it was so not funny but a reminder of my capabilities for now. 

Just found out that the lady my ex has been dating has CRPS in both arms quite bizarre.... Have been chatting to her about it. Anyway today has been boring typical wet weather day, we did go out for lunch just to central mall and I had some stuff from this Indian place was bloody disgusting oh well..... I am now going to watch "Serendipity" just because I have not seen it in ages and ages....


  1. Hey Jaxx. that Friday should be okay with me at this stage.

    Was thinking about you Friday gone thinking about catching up for dinner then I read you and David were going out - we ended up going out to Waikite Hot Pools which was nice.
    Can you text me sometime as I don't have your number anymore. Col got me a new phone for xmas and I had your number saved to the handset and not my sim. Krystal's got my old phone. Quite gutted actually as I lost all my texts from when me and Mr T met.

    Hope all goes well with the appointments this week.

  2. Hi Jackie,

    You've put together a fantastic blog here. CRPS can be a devastating condition, but there's little awareness of it among the general public. This post is a step in the right direction toward changing that.

    Please keep up the good work. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Best wishes, Alex.