Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday today means Coronation Street...... and Weigh In!!!

I love Coronation Street, the highlight of my Thursdays and Fridays lol....

This morning I have my pain doctor, am going to ask him if I can go back on one of the pain relief meds but at a lower dose.... not sure what he will say, cause I don't think I can live like this day in and day out and also there is no shit in way I could start back at work for even an hour like this. After that will go and see David's mum for a bit and I think that maybe my day. Well actually I change my mind on the meds for now, as it is a weight gaining drug.... think I will work through the pain naturally with the Tens machine, mediation etc.... for now. 

Food ended well yesterday had to use some weekly points for my ginger-nuts dunked in coffee.... If I can lose 1 kilo this week I will be stoked as it is only a 5 day week and I can not exercise.

OM f'n G, Chico just brought a dead baby bird inside and was playing with it on the carpet, sorry no photos I was busy screaming to David to come and clean it up while I was trying not to vomit, I always had a soft stomach like that, it did not take much to trigger a vomiting attack, but it has got worse with the CRPS, maybe the meds or the CRPS.... who cares which one really. Naughty Chico!!!! We have plenty of trees around so assume it fell out the nest or something. Yuk yuk yuk !!!!

And on that happy note I will leave you now till later....

I have changed weigh in day to a Thursday, why just because it feels funny weighing in on a Friday for some reason I have never liked weighing in on a Friday. Anyway todays weight is 1.2 Kilos down not bad for a 4 day week :) Which means I am above target for the first week yay!!!!! Next week would love 800 grams but will settle for 600 grams which is my goal :)

Not much else has happened, went to the pain doctor, nothing more they can do for me now at the moment so we will plod along. 


  1. Lol Chico lovely but naughty.

    We were woken by cats in the night. A strange cat came through Mum's window about 2 am and Mum's cats ganged up on it. They usually seep through intruders but not this time ... fur and claws and W.W. racket followed by hours on high alert checking the rooms over.

  2. I would have been trying not to vomit TOO!
    Poor Chico, she just found someone to play with!

  3. Hi Jackie, I love your blog, so sorry that you have to live with so much pain, I have a lot of pain, I was diagnosed with back problems for over 2 years, treated for that, no relief until my osteopath ordered x rays of hips and pelvis, my right hip is absolutely destroyed with osteoarthritis, I have seen my surgeon who said he will operate now, but it is very dangerous because of my weight, we have agreed that I will loose minimum of 20kg by end of May 2012, and he will operate then. I started to seriously loose weight from 30th November and have lost 6.5kg, I am hoping for 700 to 800 grams per week. I am using my fitness plan and counting calories, it is working for me, I loved Weight Watchers before all the changes, maybe if I see it working for others I might go back to it.

    Can you please tell me what a tens machine is.

    Maggie (Melbourne Australia)