Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today another rest day, feeling a bit better but another rest day will do no harm..... yesterday sorted through the uni stuff, wrote on the calendar when the assignments are due etc....

Today need to go and pick up a few bits and pieces from the supermarket.....

Yesterday I realised how filling my eating low carb is.... my eyes were bigger than my stomach and felt quite ill after, you know that bloated "I ate to much" feeling, but it was good to know, and next time I will listen to my stomach lol. 

Today my food is planned apart from breakfast..... David is having those Bacon and Egg pie things I made yesterday, with a little cheese and salami, and some fruit and a yogurt in his lunchbox. I will have the Bacon and Egg thingee for lunch and dinner is chicken parma wrapped in smoked paprika sauce found in Lynda's recipes. But will be using streaky bacon as I have it here..... we will have that with a salad. 

Yes I am weighing daily and the scales are still down 500 grams, and I am surprised with that, after yesterdays food, having said that it was all low carb and healthy food. If that had been high carbs food the scales would have been a gain thats for sure...... Finally found the smoked paprika today yay.... have left over fish so will have that for lunch with a salad and a bacon and egg pie for breakfast. Today will be a telling day as I am alone all day and thats when I usually munch. I think the reason I am getting benefit from this so early is that I had already cut out bread, and other bits of high carb foods. 

Wonder if today I will get the phone-call for the wheelchair, somehow I doubt it....

Hope everyone in Australia have a great Australia day, we were there this time last year and boy do they know how to celebrate :)


  1. Left over food is great for lunch - that chicken you are having tonight would be great to lunch tomorrow (if there is left overs). I hope you have a good day - just remember to snack on things you are allowed to eat and you'll be fine.

  2. Glad you are enjoying low carb meals. Do hope it makes a difference for you.


  3. I hope your wheelchair arrives soon.. it will give you some relief from the pain I'm sure.

  4. Hey Jackie. Have you found any coconut flour here.

  5. I'm heading off to the beach in the morning. if you find somewhere to get coconut flour pls let me know.n vice versa. have an awesome weekend. looks like the weather is going to be good. Don't forget.birthday month. gotta catch up

  6. Jackie - here is a list of places that sell stuff like coconut flour etc, might be of help.

  7. Have you tried here?

    Back to Eden

    1155 Pukuatua St, Rotorua, New Zealand

    Phone: 0-7-348 8302