Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday.... Weigh In, Small Video Blog & Back to School Week!!

Yip this week they twins start school on Thursday, they are both year 12 so depending on what they do this year, this year could be there last year or otherwise it will be next year, scary stuff. 

No plans for today, except going out for lunch with a couple of ladies who have CRPS, and tomorrow another CRPS lunch date. 

Oh yeah the physio rung back yesterday, and over the phone we discussed the wheelchair we now think the reason it is uncomfortable is that it is to big as I have quite a bit of room either side and that is why I am slipping around in it to much, she is going to see about the other wheelchair as well and see if we can do a trial but will get a smaller one. Anyway in the meantime she said to use this one and they will hopefully get someone out from where the wheelchair is from to tweak it and assess me in it. 

Anyway not much else happening, oh yeah weigh in today will do that soon, after my shower and my Exercycle ride. 

Apparently we are also going out for dinner, either a feast or famine for me with going out lol...... 

Anyway weigh in lost 1.2 Kilos am pleased to say :)

Here is my video blog for January - and no Biscuit did not kill Chico at the end, they always play like that lol.... hope it has worked :)


Had a lovely lunch out with Kylee and Debbie and Julie??,  (yeah I think I have the name right but I can blame it on the CRPS if it is wrong lol) and better still I had no carbs instead had an omelet with cheese and bacon :). 

Dinner tonight should be ok, will have fish though it is coated in a bit of flour it is about the best option..... got to love online menus :). 

And Hi Nicole glad you found me again :)


  1. 1.2 is excellent. The trick is to keep going :) With all these meals out try to pick meat and veges or omelette etc. It can be done :) Well done you.

  2. Hi Jackie - sure, why not try the almond flour but maybe a little bit more as coconut flour is highly absorbant. There is also another recipe for cauliflower pizza base - the trick with that is to get the cauliflower really dry after cooking it. That recipe is on here, below the other pizza recipe I used.


    I find edam cheese the same to use as mozzarella and a heck of a lot cheaper!!

  3. Hi Jackie

    Congrats on the loss this week, awesome number.

    I use to read your blog for years before you went private so I am pleased to see you out public again ... congrats also on your marriage.

    My boy is off to college, they had a few hours their yesterday and today are off on a peer support camp for the rest of the week with his college life starting next. Hard to imagine like all the other milestones that someday in the very 'near' future I will be saying it's his last year ... scary.

    Anyhow keep up the great work ... and those dogs are hilarious.


  4. Awesome work on the weight loss. I know that it is harder at the moment for you with the CRPS. What a fantastic loss.

    I know for me it is about finding great alternatives to things like the wraps and pizza etc, so I am also definitely going to try Lynda's recipe.

    Chico is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Awww Chico is so cute!
    Glad you are doing well with the diet.

  6. Sshhhh... don't tell anyone but I dusted my fish in flour too. I'm not totally padantic about it - more interested in keeping blood sugar and carbs low. I don't think that much flour sticks to a bit of fish.