Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend is here......

This morning Chico is going in for her haircut.... this time we will go as short as possible as we know she can handle it.... and is a good little puppy. 

Yesterday at the hand therapist/physio we discussed the bike and we have decided to stay at 10 minutes for 1 week and then increase it to 15 minutes and from there we will add interval training for a couple of weeks and then work on the time again. She also made me a new splint for at night and when I go out a smaller one so it wont get so hot, she also gave me this sports tape to put on my wrist 24/7... I choose a blue tape and a blue splint lol. The pics are a bit dark sorry....

Did my 10 minutes on my bike this morning, again loved it, it feels so nice to be doing some exercise no matter how small it is. Oh and the scales are down 300 grams from yesterday so only 300 grams now above my weigh in on Thursday, so am hoping they will register a loss this week, even with meds :)

Oh and my first Massey stuff arrived yesterday so that means I can make a start early....

Anyway back later with a photo of Miss Chico looking all pretty :)

Miss Chico before....
 Miss Chico after....

This afternoon we took the dogs to the park for a run around, then went home and out again and ended up having a piece of carrot cake, was thinking oh well stuff the diet this will put me over but came home and after dinner I am over for the day but not as much as I thought it would be, that's where I like the the 49 weekly points or maybe it is 45 but whatever they are they are good.

Oh yeah another 2 lots of Massey stuff arrived, (Massey is the university I am doing my study with, I am doing it extramurally), so 1 more paper to arrive.


  1. she looks fantastic! And she is going to be so much more comfortable over summer with the short 'do'!
    Good on you for doing it.
    It will grow back ... just in time for winter.

  2. Wow she looks slick as very nice groom there.

  3. isn't she a cutey
    Well done on the exercise
    Mary H

  4. well done on the exercise.

    and doesn't Chico look just beautiful!!

  5. Chico looks gorgeous! I always laugh at my Sammy (secretly, he gets embarrassed) after a trip to the groomers, they love to put a now in his hair and he claims this is very emasculating. Lately he's had to make do with home haircuts, which he doesn't mind so much because he loves to be a rebel ;P xox