Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend is nearly here....

And I will still go to Hamilton tomorrow, and will visit my auntie and uncle who live there, seeing as I can not look at the mall because I have no wheelchair we will have lunch at The Base first though once we have dropped the kids off.... they are not even sure the wheelchair will be here by next weekend....... ggggrrrrrr. 

Today is housework day, the kids are of to their dads tomorrow for a week, so I want a tidy house..... so the only mess maker will be Chcio bringing in huge leaves etc twice her size.

Am not biking today as I want to do some housework, and also cause last night I was in some major pain again.... so will do the housework this morning and then rest this afternoon. Not sure if I am overdoing the bike or what, so am going to listen to my body.

Our Aussie fund is starting to look quite healthy after only 2 weeks.... :), and it is exactly 1 year and 3 months to our trip, I tell you what that is the only thing that is keeping me positive right now. 

Ok Ok I have been doing some reading and watching Lynda and a few others lose weight, I am going to give low carb a go, I know I won't get it right in the first week but the more I read (and lets face it, I have plenty of time to read) the more I will learn.... I may continue tracking with it on WW not sure yet... But for this week I will not track and see how I go. I need to learn to have low carb snacks rather then sugar snacks, I can have things like cheese etc, I still need to read up on what fruits I can have. Will do that over the next few days. Next week I have to kids to worry for and David can afford to lose a few kilos, so instead of having high carb veges in the house, I will have low carb ones and he won't even know he has changed his eating lol. The main reason I am seriously looking at this is that I have seen some success with people with CRPS, no it does not cure it but it does seem to help with some pain etc.....

Have just found this cool low carb app for on my iPad and iPhone, so that will really help me as it tells the carbs in each food, so something I am not sure off I can look up, was $6.00 something but think it will be well worth it. I can track my food on there and it has a huge range of food.


  1. All the best in looking into the low carbing. All i can say is that is working for Jim & I. I have lots less pain...I can sleep on my side, I have more energy. It is a learning curve but there is heaps of info online and I am sure Lynda will point you in the right direction. I found this link great this morning and have printed some of it out as with being with others for the 10 days I wanted to be able to answer their qestions when they see us eating the way we do. Hope it is of use to you too. Just make sure you scroll to end of page as there is lots of good info here.:)
    Have a great weekend & enjoy Hamilton :)

  2. That dietdocter link is one linked on my site too. He is well worth a look (he does some great YouTube interviews too.

    About the food, great to get to know how many carbs are in things but the most important thing is just what not to eat. Rather than focus on counting all the time, just cut certain foods. Most of what is left is fine to eat!!