Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Yesterday I overdid it, I walked well slow walked about 30 minutes yesterday in total and I paid for it last night, my god my wrists were in so much pain........ god I hope there is no hiccup with the wheelchair, why I say that is though the CRPS was caused by the accident, I don't officially have CRPS covered by ACC yet, and because my case worker is on holiday and I have a temp one she had to get it confirmed that she could go ahead with the wheelchair bloody bureaucracy. 

Last night we watched the movie "Nims Island" because when we were at Sea-world on the Gold Coast in 2010, Steph got to meet and play with a sea lion called Friday who drew her a picture.... This is Friday one of the 2 sea lions that starred in "Nims Island".

Anyway today will be a quiet day as I rest again from yesterday...... basic housework is on the agenda though as Chico must have brought in every twig and leaf she could find outside lol.

Today David and I set up a joint account for our trip to Aussie, I have also listed my lovely Doc Marten boots that I purchased in Aussie as my ankle is to swollen to ever wear them when they sell and my guitar that I have listed will go towards the next trip. I must remember to use my Visa card regularly to get the air points so what I am doing is going to set up an automatic payment that will put my income on my visa. That way I will remember to use it all the time.

We had a McDonalds Big Mac for lunch, no chips or anything.....

End of day and another on track and yes I again had to use a few weekly points..... One more day and weigh in.
Tomorrow I have the pain specialist, just heard the kids are coming back on Saturday afternoon.

Catch you tomorrow :)

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  1. Bummer on the pain. We all watched the movie too, and enjoyed it. .... It made a nice change from the usual male dominated action, blood and guts. I spend so much time in my bedroom just to get away from the dumb stuff they watch. I can see I have a good case for my own sitting room.

    My S-I-L is a co-ordinating nurse at Waikato and informs us Rotorua is the most difficult ACC office to deal with. You need to be patient, pro-active, be patient, know what you are entitled to, be patient, be firm, be patient, have all your paperwork in best order and be patient.

    Greg gets a fraction of the support he should because he can't cope with their tacics which are frequently verging on bullying and like you he has serious long term disability.

    He needs an attorney advocate but who can afford one?

    Patient persistence will win but that's not good enough when people are unwell.

    I'm sure the wheelchair will work out but not without some frustration.