Friday, February 17, 2012


We are eating cheese and far to much of it.....we are all getting sick of it which is good. The scales are not moving this week bugger but am not to worried as since the kids have been back at school though I am eating low carb I am eating even when I am full from boredom and frustration..... something I need to work on, again not to worried just something I am aware off..... dinner tonight is chicken and veges so easy peasy. 

Today I will keep myself busy with study and housework.... tomorrow we are off to Tauranga to meet my Dad for lunch for my birthday. 

Yesterdays Dr's appointment was interesting to say the least.... we are looking at me further down the track to possibly do the 3 week inpatient stay at QE Health here in Rotorua. I would need to stay in from Sunday Night to Friday afternoon and be home weekends. It is a pain management program based, more on a holistic approach I think.... more info can be found "here". There is a girl from Wellington with CRPS who is currently doing the program now. 


  1. We have cheese too but cut up on those tiny little sauce dishes as a snack. Not good eating when you are full but at least you are aware of it.

  2. That inpatient thing sounds promising.