Sunday, February 5, 2012

The day was perfect.....

Yip the day at the Mount was perfect, the wheelchair was perfect.... the kids were excellent I could not have asked for more....

Now the wheelchair is so much lighter and I could just about push myself around the whole mall... it is so much easier to turn etc and it fits perfect I didn't shuffle around and I did not get a sore bum. So on Tuesday I will be ringing them and telling them that is the one I will keep :). And I am saving ACC money as it is half the price :). Oh and speaking of ACC they sent me a letter saying I had an appointment with the last doctor I did a back to work assessment on, I am stoked cause he was great understood CRPS and now I do not need to explain it all again yay. 

Anyway just a couple of photos one of a cruse ship in..... and below one of Pilot Bay at the Mount. 

We also had a look at the Mount shops to trial the wheelchair in the street was perfectly fine.... Steph got a haircut while we were there at Bayfair $50 later for her but it does look nice lol, I purchased myself a little handbag to take with me when out in the chair instead of my heavy one..... the only thing is my camera does not fit in it but thats ok cause I always have my iphone for pics or if we are going somewhere, and where I think the camera will be needed I will just hang it around my neck. 

We were out from about 10am to 6pm so a long day for me..... but it was great :). 

Today wont be much may go out and get stationary for the kids and thats about it I think, might even leave that till tomorrow. Steph's boyfriend is coming down to stay today till Wednesday I think, Chris I think is getting his mate around, so I think I might have a DVD day of movies I have not seen in a while, David is going to spend some time with his mum today I think..... I know I need to rest.... oh and the scales are still looking great, am really enjoying this way of eating :), or I might even set up my recipe blog of my favorite  low carb recipes. 

As you can see to the right I have added a link to my low carb recipe site......

Just went out and got the stationary for the kids so another job done, got a couple of groceries and thats it for today will veg the rest of the day now and do a little housework. 

Why do I enjoy low carb, ok here are a few things:

  • Do not need to track or count calories, am loving that.
  • Am not craving the junk food nearly as much and if I do I have a craving I have a piece of 85% Lindt chocolate, 1 piece is enough.  
  • It is easy to fit in with going out etc....
  • I am feeling better in myself, as in not so lethargic
  • As for the health issues it is hard to say at this stage next time I go for bloods and blood pressure hopefully it will show a difference. 
  • Pain wise I dont see a difference yet but am not expecting to for at least 6 months.
I am sure there is more but cant think of any at the moment, Janine I am also loving the wraps and love the Pizza's and it is all so easy to make. 


  1. Glad you had a good day and the chair sounds like it's a good fit for you..

  2. I am so pleased the chair is good! Can you explain why you are enjoying this eating? I mean I know why I do but I'd love your perspective.

  3. So pleased the second chair is working out and that it looks as though it is something that you might be able to handle on your own (the pushing and storing etc)

    It will re open a whole new aspect to your recovery and you won't feel so trapped at home.

    What are the recipes you like the most, for me it is the wrap and the pizza base.

  4. I bet you are stoked about the wheelchair :) Great that it wont be another Dr for you to explain things must get frustrating.
    A great day out...:)
    Love your reasons for low carbing.....similar to mine :)

  5. Love your reasons!! I am pleased that you find it easy to fit in with going out, most people think that is a problem. We always manage though. I am absolutely sure your health will improve in every respect - not overnight, but it will improve. I am amazed too that you are already having reduced cravings, that in itself is worth it!

  6. That is super news that the second chair is better NOW to pimp out your wheels!!! Love the photos of the Mount lucky to see sun, where has summer gone!

  7. So happy for you that the wheelchair works! Even happier though that the doctor doing your assessment understands CRPS! Hope your having a good weekend, keep the spirits up!