Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am not good today..... or last night for that matter...

I am sore, I am over having CRPS again, I am over not being able to work, I am over not knowing anyone here in Rotorua, I hate Rotorua, I hate the house we live in some of you will know the reason why to this one, I am sick of having to take heavy duty meds to get trough a day and to get to sleep at night, I am sick of having a doped up brain where if it was not for spellcheck my posts would be unreadable. I am so lonely. 

Yesterday I was craving junk food, and I did succumb to 2 miniature chocolate bars (can't think of the name) and 1 miniature picnic bar, I had to steal them from my daughters favorites box as I could not find any other junk food in the house - which I suppose is a good thing. At least today I am not wanting the junk food. 

I hate it all right now, am of to my hand therapist now. 


Yes you are right I am going to focus on the trip, today I will google some things to do while in Sydney. I also had a good chat to the hand therapist.... feeling better now. Just hope I still feel ok when the kids are home and David. 

My hand therapist suggested I take myself to the mall here in Rotorua in my chair and go for lunch or something so I am not relying on others all the time and it is a small mall. I will do it next week as tomorrow I am thinking of driving to Hamilton to drop the kids off..... not sure yet. 

Blondieone - i have a psychologist I have been seeing and will continue to see....


  1. After the hand therapist I hope your day gets better have they ACC or therapists suggested counselling for you? to cope with the down days?

  2. Hi Jackie,

    I do hope your day improves. Pain is pain so don;t beat yourself up about being fed up with it all.

    I guess some kind of distraction is the best answer ... Your trip is good.

    I do hope you get to the mall next week. Getting out of the house is hugely important for you or anyone for that matter. You will grow in confidence and it will be so good to do something just for you.


  3. I'm sorry you are feeling down - I don't know what to suggest really. Being lonely is even worse obviously when you can't easily get out and about. I hope you feel better soon.