Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jaffa Whip....

Last night for pudding I made a Jaffa Whip, was yum but very filling.... had enough desserts now for the week. As I didn't have yogurt in the fridge just made it with cream. 

Today I have an ACC Dr's appointment, am glad it is first thing as I am a bit nervous about it all. David is coming with me, having said that it is the same Dr that assessed me last time. But an ACC Dr appointment is always scary. 

Not sure what will be happening the rest of the day....
Well ACC doctor was not to bad I don't think, still got to wait for the report though. He is going to recommend a 3 week stay at QE Health here in Rotorua for pain management.
Tonight for dinner we are having pizza's made the bases just now.
I am sure I had something else to say but have forgotten now.

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