Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday and a holiday......

Whoops posted this in my recipe blog.... must check which blog I am posting in lol.

Today is Waitangi Day, I love it cause it is a holiday well when I was working that was.......

Today not sure what is happening my go for a wheel along the lake front, hope to get a few recipes up on my blog they will only be the ones that we all have for now.... have found a few different ones I may try throughout the week. 

Steph has her boyfriend down so they will be doing their own thing, Chris may hang out with us lol.....

More later if I can think of anything :)

Went for a wheel down the lake and around the shops was awesome..... not much else to report :)


  1. So glad the wheelchair is comfortable. I do understand the need to be able to propel independently.

    Greg still finds some people talk down to him, not just in a physical sense either and it irritates him A LOT!


  2. Glad the 2nd wheelchair has worked out great for you.