Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh yeah.....

Had been wanting a dessert the other day, did not have much in the pantry to make anything real yummy but found this recipe for Coconut Pineapple Pudding easy peasy and only 2 ingredients and it was enough to crave the sweetness I wanted. Have decided I really need to start cooking some different foods, so come this week I am going to try a couple of new things..... and from then on I am going to make at least one new thing a week. I did not have pineapple jelly but had raspberry so used that was still pretty nice but can imagine with pineapple it would be so much nicer. 

Today we are off to pick up the kids and maybe go for a look around "The Base".

Anyway for now not much else to report..... rained like buggery last night but nice and fine this morning.... and has cleared the air a bit it has been so humid. 

Oh and pain wise still bloody sore but can only keep doing what I am doing and that is plod along day by day. 


  1. Yum that sounds good - you can eat some delicious food on low carb if you just take the time to search out recipes and cook!

  2. This sounds good. I can't eat cream but this would be a nice way to eat something creamy when I feel like it.

  3. Sounds good! Pushing along from day to day is all we really can do. My pain has been up the past couple of days. It's frustrating because the electrical stim is doing an ok job but I've still got some intense pain going on. It sounds like your holding your own right now. Keep going and I hope your weekend is going well.