Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last week this cheeky seagull decided to sit on my boot while I got the wheelchair out.....

Today we went to the markets, nothing much exciting there..... food and more food, did get some strawberries and a cucumber real exciting stuff aye.....

We then for a wheel around Kuirau Park and saw some hot bubbling water......

And here is a short video of the boiling mud.... why people pay when you can see it for free I don't know.....

David and I then went to "The Third Place" for a coffee, well a Diet Coke for me and yes we had a yummy custard square :)
We then went to the mall and Briscoes to have a look around and now home cooking some chicken for a late lunch :)


  1. Hi Jackie

    Kimmie here from Aus!

    What a beautiful part of the world you live in :]

  2. My husband saw the bubbling hot water once and said it smells! It's fascinating though.

    Have a good weekend:)