Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday - kids back to school

The kids head back to school after 12 weeks off.... the joys of seniors. And new uniforms for the final 2 years of schools..... bloody ridiculous, at least Chris has the same shorts as last year, and they both have lovely white shirts, great especially for Chris who is doing engineering and woodwork.

Wheelchair is arriving today, left Auckland yesterday, it is one size smaller and also a hell of a lot lighter, so cross fingers it suits.

Yesterday I am not sure what happened to me but I lost it, yelling at the kids for no reason, then ended up in tears...... am still short tempered today think it is worry over the new case worker at ACC. So maybe a day with everyone out the house maybe just what I need. 

Next week I am going to start my study, today will be vacuuming and a bit of housework, it is bloody hot and muggy here though today and not much else, we are having low carb pizza for dinner so will do the bases through the day then we can just top them and heat them up tonight. 

Tomorrow will be another quiet day and then finally I will have recouped..... hopefully and I wont be the grumpy horrible mother that I am. 

Housework done, pizza bases are in the oven, ready for tonight - oh and the scales are looking good for another loss this week :). I am so enjoying this way of eating and trying different things I would normally never give a go. And believe it or not I am not actually missing the sweet stuff which I normally crave... the kids are also getting into low carb as well. Tomorrow and maybe today will check out recipes to try and think I will add a recipe page here as well.... just so I don't need to go and keep checking other peoples blogs to find it... or I may even start another recipe blog :)


  1. I'm so glad you are enjoying this and losing the cravings for sweet food! I hope the pizzas are yum.

  2. I think just start a recipe page for yourself so you can find them easily. Mind you that is what I use Pinterest for.