Thursday, February 23, 2012


Study: No
Exercycle: 20 Minutes 
Tracking: Yes

Today the kids are home from school, I have my hand therapist appointment first thing this morning, oh and yesterday I ended up doing 25 minutes on the bike.... yay me and no real pain today.

Speaking of pain it certainly is getting less and less lately thanks to the meds that I am increasing slowly rather than quickly.... I still have 4 more increases if I can tolerate it, which will take me about a month, then all going well just maybe I think I could try a 1 hour work trial..... even the kids have noticed I am not so sore.

Today not sure, might give the study a miss - and instead catch up with a few things around the house. Oh but will definitely be doing the bike. 

Tracking was perfect yesterday, am enjoying being back on WW and having some control of my portion sizes etc...... 


  1. Weight Watchers is the way it is for me too :-)

  2. Thats great news on the pain front & biking Go you

  3. Great about the pain becoming under control.
    Yaa for Weight Watchers!