Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today I.......

Study: Done
Exercycle: 20 minutes
Track: Yes

Today I weigh in and start tracking again, while doing still a reasonably low carb eating plan. I really don't think much will change to much, except I will take the skin of the chicken, and not eat so much cream/cheese/eggs etc...... where the bit of wheat will come in will be maybe like in a pizza base, I still plan to make the LSA wraps, and still plan to make low carb desserts if we want one, but the difference will be that everything will be tracked. This will hopefully help me with my portion sizes. Oh yeah the other thing I will be looking forward to is eating a couple pieces of fruit again a day, I have missed that. 

Weigh in am not expecting any loss, as it has been my birthday and a few extra treats snuck in..... but thats life. 

Today groceries to get some more fruit, study, exercycle and that will be my day nearly gone I suppose. 

Today I managed to do 20 minutes on the bike broken up but I did it...... I have also tracked everything and was really surprised when I put in some of my low carb recipes how many points they were......so as for my eating not sure where I will go from here.... but I will be tracking so I have some control. 

And wow just over 13 months till our trip..... :)

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  1. You can't count points and do low carb - it is one or the other. The whole point of eating fat etc is that you are not eating carbs so don't try to mix the two. Just stick to your WW points.