Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today not much happening....

Last night I crashed after dinner, well actually before and in hindsight I should have not gone out for dinner....I think all the outings the last week caught up with me..... but the kids were really looking forward to it and yes I know they would have understood if we didn't go but today is last day of holidays and I had not done much with them when they were here.... so today is a huge rest day and tomorrow and Friday. Today I have the psychologists and thats it.

Uniforms were got yesterday, and Steph got shoes and Chris got a haircut,  so that is all done for day 1 of school and stationary will be done on the weekend. 

Well the 2nd wheelchair should be arriving today or tomorrow if they have it in stock..... and the physio is going to come out and assess me in both of them and we will work out which one is better.  

Am going to give the pizza base a go I think for lunch today, Lynda has it on her site....

Anyway thats it from me for now....

Video was there this morning, not sure what is up will try later and if it does not show up will reload it.....

Have relaoded the video, not sure why some could see it and others not.....

Am pissed now thought I would have my ACC case manager for a long time, well already after only 2 months I have just been rung and given another case manager, I have to go and see an ACC doctor in the next week, why I could not go back to the last one have no idea..... so again I have to go through the whole rigmarole of crap again.... I have had about 7 case workers in 9 months am over it..... now i am scared they will push me back to work.......

Made the pizza only made 1 so it fed 4 of us, didn't want to do any more in case it was not good, but everyone loved it yay.... so dinner tomorrow night will be pizza. I used gluten free flour instead of coconut flour as I had none, but it still tasted good :)


  1. Not sure what happened to the video Is it still there?

  2. The video showed for me too.

    Buggar ACC alright. I'm just about to have a go at them as well.

    I'll have to order the coconut flour online as I've checked nearly everywhere here. Will use the gluten free flour in the meantime as well cause the pizza looks delish.

  3. I would use almond flour if you have it because gluten free still has high carbs. No matter really though because it is only a small amount. Glad you liked it.

  4. Ye got it showing now. Had 2 watch twice as the dogs stole the show lol

  5. Thanks for your comments - you're onto it with the flour.

    Wow, getting your whole family in on the act will sure make things easier for you! Make sure you share any great recipes you find too :)