Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday is it.....

Last nights meal was so yummy, the chicken nuggets were nice....... all the family agreed it was nice :), now we don't normally have peas (as they are higher in carbs) but they are Chris's favorite so we had them for a change. 

Before they go in the oven

After they were cooked
And the Coconut Pies was real nice as well.....
Links to the recipes can be found on my Low Carb Recipe Website, Coconut Pie is "here" and the Chicken Cheesy Nuggets "here"

Oh and some more good news I can now just fit my wedding rings again at the moment, not sure for how long but will wear them while I can....

I think last week I stuffed up on my food a few times was that I was getting bored with it, thats why I have decided to add some new recipes. I was not upset by the gain yesterday cause I knew I had let a few higher carbs come back in, and there is no race for this, this is for life not just 18 months or whatever. 

Chris has a pediatric appointment this morning and that will be about it for the day. 

Well the rings only lasted about 45 minutes before the hand started swelling.... bugger so back on the necklace they went. 

Both the kids have lost about 2 kilos so far so that is great.... 


  1. I am definitely going to try this recipe!! I only have to pick up some ground almond.

  2. Yum, that looks great - you are a good cook! Might have to give this a go myself. I'mglad you are trying new recipes, I do think this lifestyle requires more time in the kitchen but in a good way :)

  3. Woo hoo Jackie, You are doing so well. The longer you eat this way the more natural it becomes and your body becomes your friend again instead of fighting with you on what it needs to be healthly. I am loving the ease of it and like you trying more and more recipes, (something I've always done anyway but usually high sugar dessert ones!!). It's great that all the family are happy to eat to be healthy too.......makes it so much easier. Jim is on board with me and it's wonderful to see the changes in both of us without even trying :)
    All the very best for you too :)

  4. Those cheesy chicken nuggets look nice and the pie well we might be trying that on the weekend for Sunday night pudding, well done on the kids for having good losses the photo of David the other day he looks as if he has lost weight too his face certainly looked more refined.

  5. The coconut pie looks delicious ! Think I will give it a try sometime.