Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weigh Inn!!!!!

Today I gained 100 grams am not to worried.... 

Tonight for dinner I am going to give this a go  - Cheesy Chicken Nuggets, looks nice :), oh and the Coconut Pie as well.... the kids will think it is christmas lol. 

Not much else to report for now... didn't do anything for Valentines, don't beleive in it :), my birthday on Saturday am thinking of going to Taupo or the Mount and have a picnic lunch or something....no presents cause we are putting all our spare money for the trip :), the kids are here for my birthday so that will be nice. 

Back later if anything exciting happens in the rest of the day :)


  1. ohhhh if you are here in Taupo on Saturday I will be in Rotorua on Saturday from about 10am until 8pm at the kapa haka competiton

  2. I hope you do have a lovely birthday, and it's not all about presents eh? Just having a nice day with your family is important.