Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wheelchair number 2 trial....

Today we are heading to the Mount to try out this wheelchair.... I am sure it will be ok :)

OMG yesterday the CRPS was beyond a joke the pain was unbelievable it was one of those days where no amount of meds would work..... I cried and cried with pain. Today it is quite sore but I need to try the wheelchair as I only have it for a weeks trial. I have no idea what caused the pain to be like this.....

Scales are still looking good for the week, and I still can not believe that not quite 2 weeks I am feeling so much better on the food I am eating..... wonder who I can convert lol...... and it is so good all the family are doing it.

Anyway thats me for now catch you later :)


  1. Great the new way of eating is doing what it should for you........I know how you feel......It's like being a born again want to convert or shout it to the roof tops for everyone to hear. rofl :)
    Not nice about the painful day though :(
    Enjoy the trip to the Mount :)

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  3. Did a double post so that explains the removal above :)

  4. So sorry to hear you were in so much pain.
    I hope the new wheelchair works out for you.

  5. I am so pleased your eating is working out! I'm with Jenny - when you feel it working and find it easy you just want to tell everyone.

  6. I know you don't want sympathy but I nearly cried when I ready you'd had such a rotten day yesterday. It's so not fair. I'm sending you lots of hugs.

    On the plus side I'm loving how you're loving the lowcarbing. It's a bit of a revelation aye. Looking forward to catching up soon so we can grab ideas off each other.

    Hope the wheelchair trial went well.