Monday, February 20, 2012

Where do I begin......

Saturday - we ended up going to Tauranga for lunch to meet my father and sister for my birthday, it actually was really nice then we went to a makeup and perfume sale at Baypark in Tauranga and got some good bargains.

Sunday we went to the Rotorua makeup and perfume sale and got some more stuff, I got a hair dye and dyed my hair a burgundy so now all the grey is hidden. Steph, David and I then went out for lunch and Chris was at home with his mate. 

Ok now I am in predicament, with this low carb........ after speaking to the specialist that is referring me to QE health for 3 weeks was concerned about my low carb eating with my meds..... at this stage they do not really have any long term effects on low carb eating, well let me get this right he is not so much concerned about the low carb but more the amount of certain foods we eat to stay in low carb like the amount of eggs, cheese, the amount of fat we eat on our meats and with butter etc and the cream and so on.... there has at this stage been known that liver can get affected with low carb/higher fat diets, combine this with my medication and he feels it is to risky to go low carb. Though he said low carb can be good for other areas, and he is not saying it is a bad choice, but with people on high doses of medications that can already affect the livers adding to it a low carb diet can make the liver at a much higher risk. So I have been thinking researching and reading about low carb and livers and also low carb and livers combined with certain medications.... also he said a lot of people on low carb still exercise quite a bit and that helps whereas I am only exercising for a minimal time so can not burn up the extra fat that is put in to our bodies when going low carb. 

I to have been concerned about the amount of eggs I am having, and also the cheese.... and how much cheese is used in a lot of cooking etc..... not so much about the fats as I tend to not use to much of it..... well actually I suppose I do with the extra creams etc I tend to use in cooking. 

So as this is my life and I am guided by the medical specialists in my life right now, I am not confident to go against them at the moment so the decision that has been made with the help of the specialists we have come up with a combination..... at this stage I will track my food in WW so I keep an eye on the amount I eat..... I will still eat a higher protein diet, still cut out sugary foods and still limit my potatoes and rice. Wheat will also be limited but he feels a small amount of wheat will be much better for my liver than cutting it out 100%.

So that is my decision well mine and the doctors, and please do not send me links etc about the effects of wheat etc in my diet..... like I said for now I have to go with the doctors and what they say, I am not just a joe blog that can go low carb and not worry, I am on medication and will be possibly for life time, and we ned to think many years from now..... 

Todays plans a bit of housework, some study the exercycyle, and thats it I think :)

Exercycle: 15 Minutes
Study: Done
Tracking: No


  1. Fantastic. I think it is great that you are still choosing a healthy path with your eating. As I said, do what feels right for you. I don't eat many eggs or much cheese. My diet is mainly vegetables and a moderate amount of protein. I've never been a fan of lots of cheese or eggs.

    Do the best you can for your circumstances :)

  2. The most important thing is not mucking up your meds. I use to eat a lot of eggs and cheese in the beginning but now its mainly veges, salads,chicken and meat.

    You feel like catching up for lunch this week. Only day not good for me is Thursday.

  3. My liver is responding really well tot he low carb way and my egg and cheese intake has increased.
    However I am still on immune suppressants and steroids and of course I have to eat low carb due to my WLS. BUT I also agree with you 100% that for you at the moment, you need to be comfortable with what you are doing, and for you that means following your drs advise.