Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why have I changed..... back to WW

Study: Not as much as I should have though....
Exercycle: 22 Minutes 
Track: Yes

For one, my doctor has not recommended low carb, because he wants me to have a bit of wheat and two I am so missing the fruit, and also I need control in my portions and also I was forever constipated on low carb, now I am never constipated normally...... when I worked out points just out of curiosity I was eating about 20 points above my daily allowance, and honestly I do not believe that eating higher fat is good for us, yes I have researched but for every article out there promoting low carb there is an article warning you as well. 

Now I know Low Carb is great for some people but not for me now anyway...... and as many people keep saying we need to find something that works for us..... so back to WW it is for me. 

Today I need to study again, aim to do my 20 minutes on the bike and some housework.

Lynda I am talking about the new pro-points which are completely different to the way old points are worked out.....

Was just talking to another weight loss buddy/friend on the phone, we were talking about people that are morbidly obese have so many more issues psychologically than those who are 10 - 20 kilos overweight.... people who have been or are morbidly obese really need to be in the right psychological headspace for any weight loss/healthy living program to work... well thats my opinion anyway. After all that is how we become so overweight and carried on eating and eating after a 20 kilo gain... and became morbidly obese. I am sure most of us know exactly what we should and should not be eating but until our head is in the right space it is hard work..... to accept we are worth it and worth giving ourselves the time.....

Hope that makes sense am in lala land a bit this morning :)

Managed 22 minutes on the bike today, am pleased with that :), food is on track.... all good :)


  1. Good on ya! There is nothing like a sound, balanced diet.

  2. I agree with you. If I "point" my eating on low carb I am only eating about 18 of the old style points. No idea how you got to double that! The main point is that you don't eat much on low carb because it is meant to reduce your appetite. I also eat fruit (just not much) and loads of vegetables which means heaps of fibre. Maybe you misunderstood how to eat low carb?

    No matter, it's all good and important you do what is right for you.

  3. Finding your own balance is important.

    The one thing I took away from my deep immersion in the low carb world was blame. The people that it works for and makes feel vital, energetic and physically healthy, will always tell you that you are doing it wrong if you don't feel the same.

    To me, it's just another way that labelling the way we eat makes people separatists.

  4. Being in the right place mentally is top priority!! You need to have something pivotal that makes you click. Something that pushes you over the edge to something, like reaching rock bottom.

    You also need, more than anything else, to have the belief that things can change. If you truely believe that - you will change.