Thursday, March 8, 2012

About time I did a post.....

Where to begin - first of condolences to Anne and family on the loss of their sister/aunty. 

I have not been posting for the one reason I have been so busy, I have had appointments every day, I have been studying and researching, what have I been researching, well it is Intuitive Eating nothing else has worked for me.... WW right now is a waste of time paying for it and not tracking, Low Carb is a no go, cause I got so constipated it was not funny..... so after reading Sarah's blog from the beginning I have decided to try it... I have also been reading many sites on Intuitive Eating and feel like it could be just what I need, I also found some books in my bookshelf on Intuitive Eating which I never knew I had. 

First changes I have made is to vary my meals, why do we have to have the same old traditional meals day in and day out.... I now have what I feel like and yes I am still having lots of veges and fruit etc.... I also got lots of ideas on recipes from Sarah's blog - thanks Sarah. Some meals are vegetarian, some meals are low carb, some meals are probably just bizarre to some people.... it is a nice feeling to know that there are no foods that are not allowed and already I am noticing that I am not really craving any foods cause I know I can have it and that makes me feel ok. 

I am still a long way from getting this Intuitive Eating under control but small steps in the meantime I have decided that just because I am obese it does not mean I do not have to sit at home and be a zombie, I am going to have a life, again it wont happen overnight but it will happen. I have CRPS and will for the rest of my life, but I can work around that and still enjoy life. Right now I have the trip to Sydney to look forward to.... speaking of Sydney it is 1 year, 1 month, 1 week and 5 days away is definitely happening now, we were not quite sure it would happen until this week, but due to some good news it definitely is yay...

I am still a long way off from not eating just because I am bored, depressed, happy or for whatever reason....   but with time I know it will fall into place. For now I will still be weighing myself but eventually I am hoping I can get rid of the scales..... I will be still writing my weight loss on the side bar at the end of each month. 

Had a meeting with ACC this week and lets just say it went pretty ok, I am probably going to do the 3 week multi disciplinary program at QE Health in July in between uni semesters, I will be staying in from Sunday night to Friday night, then after that we will be looking at a work program so probably another 6 months from now, I maybe doing a work trial. The good news is that since I have been wearing this sports tape on my wrist, the swelling is going down so now we have it on my fingers in hope that they will go down as well. Next time I will ask her about putting it on my ankle. 

Exercise the bike is still going well after I got the constipation under control lol.... couldn't sit on the bike for a while there and never want to go there again, also I am going to change into exercise clothes to ride the bike, as at the moment I just do it in my skirt.... I want to feel like I am exercising, I want to treat the bike as if I was going to the gym or whatever, and also I am going to be adding a 100 - 200 metre walk/stroll 2 - 3 times a day - 3-4 times a week. Plan is to the Exercycle 4-5 times a week. 

The first thing I am going to do is put myself first, that means keeping myself looking good, doing my hair each day placing a bit of make up on, wear decent clothes not just the same old t-shirts and skirts each day, even if I am not going out, hell it only takes a few minutes to place a bit of make up on and a few minutes for my hair. I am going to paint my nails, keep getting regular haircuts and eyebrow shaping all those little things which make you feel good. I am going to spend a bit of money on me for a change..... I am going to make my food look presentable and sit down and enjoy it and not scoff it down and not even taste it and so on.... I am sure you all know what I am talking about :). 

Anyway I think thats about it fro me from now..... and Sarah I am sure I will be asking you questions from time to time or any advice you can offer me would be awesome. 


  1. wow, I love the new changes in your life. I am off to read up on this new eating plan, any new idea's are good idea's I say.

    Keep smiling.

  2. Great plans. You sound so much better.

    I'm sorry to hear about Anne's sister. Anne will miss her lots.

    I guess I am eating what I like too and losing weight .... amazing. All I have done so far is cut out wheat. That means I am also eating almost no butter and almost no sugar except what is naturally in dairy, fruit and veggies. Not having cappuccinos all day long makes a difference too LOL. I don't drink fruit juice either since I prefer to stay with whole foods as natural as possible.

    Quite a while ago I decided I would not eat foods just because they are on every diet sheet fish and cottage cheese. Since then I've felt a lot more comfortable with my choices and there is no strain. For me watching portion sizes, snacking between meals and not bulking up on veggies rather than grains is working. I do take Phloe if I think I might be getting constipated.

    Sometimes it takes a while to get your head around what actually works for you. We are all very different people with individual needs. I find it hard to believe I took so long to actually believe in what I thought was best for me.

    I've been de-railed so many times by other people's opinions.

    Believe in yourself and you will succeed.


  3. OOPS! I meant I bulk up on veggies rather than grains and other starches. Easy for me since I don't care for pasta. Bread was always going to be the most difficult but I haven't had a slice of bread this year and long may it stay that way.


  4. Maybe it should be called un dieting!

    I'm happy to help with any questions Jackie:) You know, I'm no expert though, just somebody who went from being mental about food to enjoying food and exercise again. Mostly, not punishing myself or going back and forth from being 'good or bad'.

    It's good to read up on intuitive eating/heath at every size and then experiment to find the best way for you. It could be a mix of different 'styles' of eating that fits best but everyone is different.

    There is no one way of eating that can work for everyone as far as appetite, energy, blood sugar regulation. Same goes with amounts needed for satiety. Without even thinking about the enjoyment of food both mentally and physically!!

    My hope for myself and others is always to just end the struggle. Both the ones that make us think we are useless because we failed yet another diet plan or the ones that make us feel like a God because we lost weight and now think know all the answers.