Saturday, March 24, 2012

Change of plans....

We are no longer going to Sydney but have decided to change our trip to either the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast or maybe even stay in Brisbane and be central to both..... we did this for two reasons, one is we want to relax and Sydney is so busy.... and also we want to be by a beach well 3 reasons actually for the same price we can get these amazing apartments right by the beach..... without having to worry about parking. 

I am still really sore and am taking so many pain meds that my daughter asked me if I had been doing drugs as I was laughing and out of it lol... but am still enjoying the study. 

My hand therapist has put in a request for ACC to purchase me a Dragon Dictation program... for my studies so I can talk rather than type and then I can print off the notes....

Today need to do some more study, also need to go into town and get a brochure of the Gold Coast, got one from the Sunshine Coast.... anyway thats it from me now....

The only downside about going to the Gold Coast is that we won't get to see Anne and also I won't get to go to my hippy shop somewhere by the blue mountains. Yes I think we will be going to the Gold Coast.

And yes I have decided to rejoin WW again online. Won't be starting till the 7th April that's when my budget can afford it. Have the books here though so nothing stopping me from doing it now but just not online.


  1. Great choice GoldCoast I recomend the breakfree peninsular Is fabulous

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the Dragon Dictation sounds neat and boy you wouldn't want to say words out of place it would print it all out word for word I wonder how many ummmmmmssssss it will print? Sounds intriguing though.

  3. Gold coast sounds great. So many amazing accommodation choices there. I've been there many times and it is a fun place.

  4. Simon is a trainer for the Dragon Dictation software.

  5. The dictations software sounds perfect for you. Hope it works out.

    Gold Coast will be nice and warm:) If not a bit humid. I've got a sister up there but have never visited. Sounds wonderful.