Monday, March 5, 2012


Sometimes something can affect you and make you rethink your whole attitude to life.... this has happened to me, though it is not affecting me personally it has really made me rethink about many things..... first of though special hugs to a special friend of mine and their family who are going through a bad patch right now to say the least..... {{ Hugs to you all}}.

Anyway yesterday we went to visit my sister, they have just moved to a new place in Tauranga, so they are closer now..... by about 30k's now and we go to Tauranga quite a bit so will be good to catch up more regular. We only decided early afternoon and it was a spur of the moment decision we were there for a few hours, their place is nice, slightly smaller than their last one but still big enough as my niece has moved out to study so only 1 at home now. 

In the morning we took Steph to town to get a few clothes god help me shopping with teenagers lol....

Today I have an appointment then I need to start on 2 assignments I want done by the end of the week, so I can work on the other two next week. Steph is home not feeling 100% and she has an exam tomorrow so want her better for that. 

Anyway need to drop Chris of at school so back later today with an update oh how I have been rethinking my life..... or it could be tomorrow if I am to tired to type after working on the assignments. 


  1. Sounds interesting Chick.... hope it's a good change/rethink.

  2. I cannot imagine how it is for you living with so much pain all the time and yet for the most part you remain positive and looking forward.

    I can't wait to hear where your rethinking is going to lead you.

  3. Hope Steph is feeling better and able to do her exam.

    Looking forward to reading your re-thinking thoughts.