Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miss Chico Chops....

Miss Chico after her grooming today.... yes her mouth is dirty cause she just had a big drink of water.... was hoping to click the photo before the drink but no such luck.

Today we are picking up the kids in Matamata, David is driving I will go along for the ride I think, am finally feeling so much better. 

I have been finding different apartments we might go and stay in in Sydney, the one we found was pretty good but no views, so have been looking at ones on the beach and ones overlooking the harbour, they are a bit more expensive but there are going to be days when I will just crash and being able to have nice views will be awesome, even though they are more expensive but I think it will be worth it as we are there two weeks after all :). 

Not much else happening, tomorrow I am planning to do 20 minutes on the exercycle and also go for a couple of short well very small walks. Food wise to make our food a bit more exciting we are going to be doing 3 days of lower carbs, 1-2 days of vegetarian, and 2-3 days of higher carbs, for no real reason but just to jumble the meals around a bit. 


  1. Can't believe how much Chico has grown, she is so pretty.

    Love the menu change around, lots of different menu's to choose from.

  2. Well done you on the exercise & Study
    Thinks are looking more postive
    Chico amazeballs She is such a cute dog
    Mary H