Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday lovely Monday......

Bloody kids passed me their sore throats wasn't I the lucky one..... am feeling a bit better tonight, in fact I hopped on the Exercycle and went for a ride, shame the view did not change, did put my headphones on and turned the music up loud as I had an argument no a debate with my other half.....

Anyway finally feel like I am making some progress with my study.... just hope I pass the papers, am not to worried about the marks all I want is a pass for now. 

Both kids were home today, Chris had done a lot of walking in not his best shoes on the weekend and now has massive blisters on the soles of his feet poor kid lol..... also he is going to be doing a one day a week carpentry course at Waiaraki Institute starting this Friday for a year. We don't need to pay for any of it... they supply him in overalls and boots. So am stoked this is a kid with Tourettes, OCD, Aspergers and a few other things and he finally has an idea of what he wants to do with his life, he is also really enjoying engineering and will look at that option next year, and has a really good teacher. 

Apart from that not much happening...... catch you all tomorrow night, have decided am going to do night posts for now... mornings are busy studying... :)


  1. fantastic news about Chris, bugs doing the rounds here BUT we are dosing up on Vitc, garlic, and fenugreek!!!

  2. Blisters are evil! It's great that your son is on a path to a career.