Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday lovely Monday.....

Finished 1assignment, god knows how many to go have an online test next week. Not looking forward to that at all.
Today I managed 22 minutes on the Exercycle in 1 shot, bloody proud of that, time goes so much quicker in front of the TV lol... Am going to do it the Exercycle 4 times a week and goal is to be doing 30 minutes by the end of the week. Was planning on a short walk as well today but the weather has put a holt to that now bugger.....
This afternoon will be more study am aiming to do about 6 hours a day 5 - 6 days a week. I really want to pass these papers.
Anyway back into it.....
Oh and also am going to add a pain scale on my blog for CRPS which will be broken into morning, afternoons and nights so I have a record of the pain which actually has been really good lately. 1 will be the lowest, and 10 the highest.

Pain Meter
Morning: 3
Afternoon: 4
Night: 4

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