Saturday, March 17, 2012


Blondie I can just pull the curtains for the sun and still have the one window to look out off with the natives in the back yard. 

Had not used my wheelchair for a couple of weeks as we had not been anywhere where I needed it, so today we went to the museum in Rotorua and then had a look around Government Gardens. 

So here are a couple pics of inside the museum. 

People enjoying playing Croquet 
A mother and baby Pukeko. 
The Rotunda
Government Gardens
Me in the chair
Some fish...
David in the background....
The museum from the outside....
Had an enjoyable time, I pushed myself around about 80% of the time..... am feeling it a bit now but it was lovely :)

Been studying heaps and thats about it for now. Oh yeah Chico is getting a groom again tomorrow, so she will be looking pretty again.


  1. It must be tiring on your arms to use a wheelchair? The gardens look lovely.

    Chico will be so handsome!

  2. When I was a teenager there used to be a nightclub in that museum building! I even got kicked out once too!