Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So hard......

I am finding the study so hard on tHe pain front in my arms, but I will keep doing it as I am enjoying it..... How the hell can you enjoy something that causes you so much pain... Tonight my pain levels is about an 8 or 9, I have just taken more pain meds so I can sleep tonight, which will be soon.

I had an awesome session with my psychologist today, really opened up, she said I was pretty hyped as I was swearing when telling her things, and swearing out of frustration, not with her just with dealing with this pain.

Weight wise still losing and gaining the same old kilo, in fact it is now the same 500 grams. Am going to change the scales to pounds when I weigh, psychologically I am hoping it will help somewhat.

Hell I have just over a year now till we head to Sydney, need to lose some of this weight.

Anyway can not type anymore to sore and am tired now goodnight :)

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  1. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

    nite nite xx

  2. Hopefully today was a better day for you Chick.