Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Things seem to be finally looking up....

Finally even with this head cold, I feel like things are finally looking up..... my sore throat is getting better.

Our trip to Aussie is definitely happening, intuitive eating is so so at the moment, but am learning everyday, it is not something I expected to learn overnight.... my weight is up and down in the same kilo for now am ok with that as I get into this new way of eating. This month I am focussing on when I eat and why.... next month will be really focussing on losing some weight. 

Even today when I felt like crap I put make up on and did my hair a bit.... for no other reason but just because. 

Chris I think will be at school tomorrow, not sure how long he will last with his blisters....

Study is starting to become a natural part of my day now, not sure how much I am taking in though lol....

Anyway thats it from me for now......

Managed 15 minutes on the bike tonight yay me... and that was in 1 burst :)


  1. Well done you on the exercise Bit of a triumph really.
    Mary H

  2. IE? Well good luck with that new approach mate.
    It's a hard one to master.
    Well done on the bike too.

  3. I was just diagnosed with RSD..Have no idea where to turn...

    Carol S.