Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday already....

This morning I changed my study area around, this is before and when it was in the lounge... and yes the bookshelf is one hell of a mess.... :)

I have now shifted it into the dinning room and I have nice views of the native bush out one window and quite nice views out the other..... also I now get a nice breeze from the ranch slider when it is opened....
Out this window we have this tree which is usually full of birds :)
This is out the other window where we back onto native bush :), and have lots of lovely birds. 
Have now moved the exercycle into the lounge, so I can either watch TV or listen to my music now I am doing longer times on the bike I thought it might be nice to watch some TV sometimes. (Sorry the pic is so dark but could not be bothered taking it again), the bookshelf with all my study gear on is now in the dining room, where the exercycle was. 
And here is a lovely pic of Miss Chico Chops :)
And a lovely pic of Miss Biscuit :)
So that is what I have been doing this morning, also where the desk is I can watch thunder storms etc... out of the big ranch slider :).

Oh yeah woke up last night to my piercing half out, what a mission to get it back in, and now my nose is swollen again ggggrrrr


  1. I love the changes you have made. It will be lovely to look out of the window while on the computer. Or cycling!

    As far as your stud, be careful when drying after a shower. I lost mine once that way and I get fainty about putting it back in! Also, kissing can be dangerous. Hope your swelling goes down soon.

  2. Great improvement to the lounge, and so nice to be looking out onto the trees.
    Chico and Biscuit look happy.

  3. Must have been the day for cleaning and moving furniture around, I did too :-)

  4. I didn't realise you had so many natives out the back. Your new view looks nice and relaxing.

    Don't worry about lunch. I'm fairly flexible. Been quite busy myself.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Wont the heat from the windows affect you? maybe a sunshade sail? how did you go with all the moving around stuff though? Another frost here how about you guys, when are you next down in Taupo?