Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday it is.....

This morning consisted of study surprise surprise, oh and some groceries. This afternoon will also consist of study and some housework....
The good news is it is not raining, lots of wind though, I always wonder how much wind it will take to crack some of hose big branches on the native trees because my god they blow around heaps.
Have been looking heaps at accommodation in Sydney, the place we were looking at we are giving it a miss.... So have been sussing out other accommodation ideas..... Beginning to think we should be going to the Gold Coast they have some amazing and cheap deals on oh we'll only another 12 months to suss it out lol.... We will be definitely going to Sydney though there is so much more we want to see.
Oh well time to get some lunch :)
Pain Levels
Morning: 5
Afternoon: 5
Night: 5

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  1. sounds like you are doing really well with the study!
    Chico looked gorgeous after her groom!