Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend is here......

Since my last post I have done a few things to make me feel better about me....

First of I did my nails, did them a turquoise blue and then did black crackle over them, though they are short I am actually quite liking them..... Yesterday I went and got my nose pierced, I had done it years ago and loved it so decided what the hell, though I queried my age, that soon disappeared as it is about me and what other people think tough shit.... at the moment I have a nice dark pink stone it but will change it to match my mood when I can in a few weeks, will get a few different colors like blue, purple to start with. 

This morning I dragged out a skirt that is bright and flowey, not my normal  black or blue one that I have been wearing for the past god knows how many weeks.... I even blow dried my hair after my shower.... still got to do some make up which I will do soon. 

And you know what I actually feel pretty good :)

Here is a couple of pics excuse the mascara mess under one eye the more I tried to fix it the more I made it worse, one is of the nose stud and the other one my nails, the black tape on my fingers is to try and get the swelling down as it worked for my wrist... they are just taken with the computer so quality is not that great....

And yes I did notice the extra nail polish on my hand just below the finger, and all fixed now lol.... do you know how hard it is to do nail polish with CRPS. 

This weekend not sure of plans wont be to much, well wont be leaving town this weekend anyway. Tonight the Lakside 2012 concert is on the kids are going to that. Me well I will probably be asleep by the time it starts lol. 


  1. good for u Jackie do what makes you feel better

  2. I love the black crackle but have yet to buy any. You did a great job:) Considering how difficult it must have been!

  3. Also, I love your nose ring and think they work at any age! I don't just say that because I'm old and have had one for years:)

  4. Well done the nail polish :-)