Saturday, April 21, 2012

Are we all really adults here.....

Why do I read blogs, well some for being nosey simple as, others to educate myself, and others cause I actually know the person, or just because I enjoy it.....if a persons blog does not interest me then simple I don't read it, each person is different has different beliefs etc and who are we to criticize, what people say especially when they are writing in their own blogs, and then a so called person is writing a comment on another persons blog about them, why read the other persons blog if you don't agree with their lifestyle or whatever and it irritates you so much that you need to go on another blog to criticize. ..... my god what I have seen lately is cowardly bullying..... it is hard to believe that we are all adults. Anyway enough of that, I am lucky that I think over the years I have blogged I have had 1 maybe 2 comments which have hurt, or maybe not even hurt is the right word but challenged me. And just 1 more thing if you are going to have an open blog accept the negative with the positives and don't get on your high horse if something happens..... 

Anyway on to today, the sun is shinning, I am feeling one hell of a lot better now I am off the meds.... I am pretty much med free apart from some stuff at night to help with sleep oh and panadol. The Clonodine patches are now burning my arms, and so is the TENS machine when I use it. Yes the pain is there but am able to cope so much better now again.... now I am co-herrent :). Yesterday the trip went well to Paeroa to drop the kids off, took the splint and pillow and it went pretty good yay :). Will let David drive tomorrow and them maybe next fortnight I might try both trips. I am becoming independent again.

Have no idea for plans for the day, no doubt David will sleep in, may go for a small walk as the day is nice. Will watch a couple episodes of the Biggest Loser, then I think I am caught up with the States. 

Maybe dream about the holiday which I must say is now less than a year away lol....

Have a lovely Saturday all, I am going to try :)

Well this morning went to the market got a couple of bits not much then we went to the butcher and get some meat.... decided not to use the chair for the market and some bloody dick trod on my CRPS foot, it took all my will power to not yell abuse at him, yes I know he didn't know I had CRPS but... it sure in hell hurt and for a long time afterward, next time I will be using the bloody chair....

Well looks like accommodation is sorted and we will be staying at the Ocean Pacific Resort, they have been awesome with their service so far.... through emails, if we can not find anything better this weekend we will pay a deposit for this next week. I know we are paying more booking so far in advance but I don't want to be stressing about finding something cheaper in 11 months time, this way we know where we are and the costs. We wont book the flights for a while yet, maybe when they have the next Aussie deals, we will book that and the car through the travel agent cause I want to make sure I have the right insurance for the CRPS and the wheelchair is insured etc.... and though it seems a long way off right now it will be here before we know it, we are also going to get "The Entertainment Book" for the Gold Coast as this will help with eating out and some of the things we want to do.... hell it will pay itself back after 2 meals out. 


  1. Sun shining here too :) Think a walk to the shops for me :)
    I wouldn't be able to cope with all the drama's of an open blog so that's why I keep mine private :)
    Great that you have been able to get off the meds. It's great having a clearer head eh :)
    Take care and enjoyr the weekend x

  2. Thanks for that Jackie - it sort of threw me that someone would bad mouth me on another blog like that!

    So good that you are getting off a lot of the meds - have a nice weekend.

  3. Awesome Jackie - all round. Enjoy your Saturday.

  4. Hi. So glad you are getting some relief from the meds.

    Re comments etc. For some weird reason there are people who react strongly to any suggestion that restricting carbohydrates is good let alone healthy. The only time I have been personally affected by another persons on-line comments was a long time back.

    This person took it into her head to tell me how unhealthy it was to reduce carbohydrates in my diet. For goodness sake! I felt more energetic, my brain was sharper, the muscle and joint pain went away and the irritation in my stomach healed so that I no longer had any acid reflux. I think this was the healthiest I'd been in years but I let this persons negative attitude and arguments undermine my confidence.

    Today I pay the price but not any longer as I become healthy once more.

    It's really important not to undermine someone.

    Information is good but when we attack them why do we do it? Is it out of fear? Are we afraid the other person is right? Does it challenge our thinking and are we afraid we might have to change something?

    It's so easy to attack someone with the anonymity of the internet. I think I feel kind of sorry for those who do.

    Anyway I'm becoming an entrenched low-carber. Or to put it another way. A person who lives on animal proteins, veggies and fruits with the occasional addition of grains and/or a pinch of sugar. "I eat food I like." I guess that's the name of my diet plan. *smiles*

    Have a good weekend.


  5. Hey Jackie - I had to laugh, one of those comments yesterday was cut and pasted from a "Jenny Craig" website. That says it all really - my worse ever diet experience was with them, taught me nothing but how to get fatter!

  6. Amazing weightloss and yay for the pain diminishing except for feet reading people!! Getting cold eh...

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