Monday, April 9, 2012

A bit late but summer has finally arrived....

The weather outside is fantastic, summer is here at last lol, you got to love days like today.

Today I am meeting 2 bloggers, well catching up with them as I have met them before, Lee-Anne for lunch and Margie-Anne later for a coffee here so she can meet Miss Chico. 

This morning David and I did a bigger shop ready to start our low carbing tomorrow, all I need to get is the coconut flour, which I will get online, so weigh in the morning, tomorrow back into the study and think I am picking up the kids on Wednesday. 

Anyway thats about it from me for now :)

Had an awesome day catching up with Lee-Anne and Margie-Anne, was really neat to see you both again. Lee-Anne here is that Paleo site.... and Nicole I will be buying the coconut flour form Nature Foods NZ....

Now I am tired so will catch you all tomorrow :)


  1. Hi Jackie

    Where abouts do you order your coconut flour from online? I have been looking around for it without any luck yet.

  2. It was great seeing you again mate. Too long aye. I did come home and mow the lawns and planted my pots up with silverbeet so I feel pretty good now.

    Catch up again soon. xxx