Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy Busy day......

And decision made after talking all to the family, we are going back to low carb, and I know they say about fruit you should not have it but that is the only thing I will be having at least to begin with anyway. The main thing we will be looking at for now will be cutting out Wheat, baby steps and one step at a time. 

Today is the last day of school for the kids and holidays begin, they are off to their dads tonight, I am going to give the drive another go so wish me luck.

Todays plans a tidy up and then study for a couple of hours and cruise the rest of the day till I leave for Hamilton. 

This morning I did heaps of study and boy oh boy the pain in my arms is so high.... a real wrong move when I knew I had to drive this afternoon, but I will put the splint on and hope for the best. 

On Saturday I will go and get some low carb food, and this time around I am not going to eat cheese like it is going out of fashion..... I wish there was a low carb cracker you could buy that would just make my day. 

Anyway thats it from me time to rest the arms and elevate the ankle which is so bloody swollen before we head of in an hour. 

Have a safe and Happy Easter everyone, probably wont be back blogging until Tuesday unless something really exciting happens..... oh yeah am hoping to catch up with Lee-Anne and her hubby for lunch or coffee or something. 

Stay Safe All :)


  1. Here's the thing. Choose one eating plan - one that you think you can LIVE with. Don't think of it as a diet at all, forget that. Change what you eat forever. Once you have a plan then STICK TO IT. Don't say next week that you are going back to WW or whatever. Forgive yourself if you are not 100%, it does not matter.

    You know very well that any doctor would be over the moon if he knew you were cutting out processed foods (sugar, flour).

    Don't make the mistake of making loads of special foods with lots of cheese etc, just make good food. The only thing I can think of that takes a lot of cheese are those pizzas and once in awhile they won't hurt at all!

    You need to believe you can do it - set small goals. One thing is for sure, that trip next year will not be fun as you are.

    You know the reason I can do this is because I never feel that I am on a diet, just eating healthier. Don't tell people you are "low carbing". Really you are just cutting out junk - your body really will thank you if you give it a good try.

    Have some fruit, just don't go overboard. Take extra fibre if you don't think the vegetables are enough for you. No excuses!!!!!!

  2. I have confidence that you will find the right way to eat for you. It's not something anybody else can choose for you. There's nothing wrong with 'practising' or trying out different eating styles or types.

    Be gentle and honest with yourself and listen to your body:)

  3. Janine from Palmy makes a cracker - maybe you could try making that? Also, you could buy some that are lowish carb - as long as you can restrain yourself to about 6 or so. Seriously, any change you can make long term will be good for you.

  4. Hi Jackie,

    I'm glad you decided to have another go with low carb but don't be worried too much. I began just by cutting out wheat and I've pretty much stuck with it.

    I expected it to be difficult initially and I wasn't ready to be tough on myself so I bought rice crackers and ate them with pesto, cheese or peanut butter. I did try not to eat too many at a time but they got me past the deprived feeling. I usually get a strongly flavoured cheese for myself and find I don't eat so much that way. I like blue cheese and a little goes a long way. I also eat plenty of veggies including kumera and carrots and I can't live without onion. I do try to eat some kind of green leaf with lunch and tea but I don't really have any strict rules and nor do I deliberately eat fats. I just take it as it comes.

    Coffee was my other problem .... not so much now, but I was going through a 20 sachet packet of Nestle Cappuccino every 4 or 5 days and I always added a good heaped spoon of sugar crystals as well. Now I find I'm hardly having any sugar except what is found naturally in fruit and veggies.

    I'd been wheat free for 10 weeks before I went on to count carbohydrate grams and for me it works to keep them averaging around 50gm a day. Some people manage more but I'm not overly active. The most important thing for me is to get enough fluids, and stay regular. I take Phloe which are capsules based on kiwifruit. They are a bit expensive but worth it for me.

    I found that some symptoms, arthritic pain and mood eased within a week ... be persistent but others are taking much longer. I know, (from past experience), my stomach will heal, and there will be no more reflux and the muscle and bone tenderness when I put pressure on could take 6 months or more to disappear.

    It seems to be taking ages to feel like doing things but my moods are definitely better and my energy levels are slowly recovering.

    It's well worth making a 6 month commitment and if it seems too hard at first tweak your way of doing things until it feels comfortable and right for you. The hardest part will be to forget a lot of stuff you learnt at WW and to trust the idea that Low Carb is healthy.

    Wow! That's an extra long comment. I hope there's something useful in there for you.

    All the best. Blessings Anne.

  5. @ MargieAnne - Well said!!!! That is exactly how I started, just wheat at first and changed things as I went. I think you are doing so well and the changes will be showing in your health.

    Jackie - MargieAnne makes a lot of sense :)