Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday - yay.....

The scales have crept up a bit bugger but I know why cause I let some sugar creep into my food on the weekend and on Wednesday, am not worried thats life, back on track fully though again now.......

Today is study study study..... yip have an assignment due in and then 1 more and thats it apart from exams. This weekend am not planning much but am hoping to go to the Anne Frank thing on at the museum and possibly see David's mum been a while since I saw her so should make the effort :) 

So thats it from me for now.....

This weekend I am setting myself up a small exercise plan to do from home, I am going to drag the rebounder in from the garage and use that and my Exercycle and some walking as my cardio..... And I am going to add some swissball exercises and some squats etc..... Because I am sitting on my butt to much.

Have finished my study for the day, Chris

is home early as they had a half day at tech.....not sure what is for dinner as it is Friday night we have a whatever dinner....

Oh yeah am thinking of going Pesco-vegetarian for a 2 week challenge, why Pesco-vegetarian cause this way I can still have eggs, fish and diary for now. Still reading heaps about it etc.... And it will have to wait till payday when I can get some groceries in for me, thinking Chris may join me.

OMG I just watched the trailer of this movie "Earthlings", my god I am not sure I could ever watch the movie but maybe I should that would certainly change me to becoming a vegetarian I am sure....

I decided to be brave and watch the whole movie, it had me in tears, and made me ill..... it was horrific but boy did I learn from this, it has really opened my eyes and I know for sure that I am never going to buy leather stuff again, I am going vegetarian, I don't think I could actually eat meat again if I tried, after watching this. I would much rather have a slice of bread than support this. 


  1. Totally agree with you - YAY for Friday !

    Hope you managed to get your assignment done and have a great weekend !


  2. I'm not sure you can compare animal cruelty with ethically raised animals. Buy free range and organic meat - these animals are well treated. Up to you.