Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just Another Day......

Ggggrrrrr still waiting for the person who ran into my car to accept liability..... and still waiting to see if they will fix it, am pretty sure they will but insurance company waiting on quotes for parts. 

Anyway yesterday we went to the Mount, was a lovely day.....

Below David got me some foot cream and some foot spray from The Body Shop, the spray is brilliant for when my feet are burning. 

While we were there we stopped in at Simplifoods and they had 1 pkt. of coconut flour left yay finally got some and also purchased an hideously expensive bottle of Pure Vanilla Extract. 

Then I got spoilt again and David got me these little flowers with lights in them, I love anything with lights like this in them - yeah tacky I know but I don't care lol....

Here they are laid out, not properly yet as the cables were a bit twisted will sort it out today properly. 

Anyway onto today will do some study, have a free range chicken in the crock-pot for dinner with spinach, sauerkraut and not sure what else. 

A bit of housework to be done and some study so I can start the next assignment tomorrow. 

Yay insurance rung and my excess has been waived so she must have contacted them..... one less thing to stress over, actually I am surprised how well I have been coping lately...... dinner tonight I am going to cook the spinach like this... cheesy spinach with caramelized onions.

Chicken in the crock-pot is smelling yummy

Dinner was really yummy, next time I need to double the spinach, I forgot how small it shrinks too, even Chris ate it, he is thinking of going vegan, so is trying all these new veges lol. Did not have the sauerkraut forgot about it so had peas instead.... Hope I still like sauerkraut, mum used to make it all the time I have a tin lol..... I loved it when I was younger, but have not had it in years. Also drunk my water today had been a bit slack lately with that.


  1. Yum, that spinach looks great! Mind you I think anything with cheese is great, especially grilled in the oven!! Enjoy your dinner - I'm looking forward to hearing about your next weight loss :)

  2. Oh please... please don't go vegan Chris!!!

  3. I love those pretty lights and we are going to try the spinach stuff tomorrow night yummmmm...