Monday, April 2, 2012

Good news....

I passed my first online multi choice test - yay. That has boost my confidence a bit as I was so sure I had failed.

Now onto this whole weight-loss thing.... as you know I was starting WW again BUT the kids want to continue Low Carb and so does David, Chris has never really stopped it he has had a bit of wheat but not a lot and has lost about 7 kilos so he is stoked.... Steph was losing on it then went back to calorie counting and is not losing anymore.... David has gained about a kilo since we stopped, so decisions to be made what do we do.... Yes Lynda I can hear you as I write this lol.... but seriously we have to decide it is much easier if we are all doing one or the other..... so might give this low carb another go and see what happens..... 

Dad has been and gone, went ok, he dropped of heaps of grapes yum yum.... :). And yes I know they don't recommend them on low carb but am not going to let them go to waste. 

Anyway enough from me assignment needs to be done and need to pick up the kids soon, yay school holidays begin on Thursday cant bloody wait :)
Am thinking I will be doing WeightWatchers and everyone else can do low carb, I figure we can do this like this :) so decision made for me.... And I bet they no longer have the $1 joining fee oh we'll....


  1. Congrats on passing the test... and making some good, sound decisions about the weight issues. Chris is doing well!!! Tell him well done from me.

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  3. Oops Jackie could you delete that last comment. It's not really the comment but I didn't realise I was on the admin blog. Be great to catch up over Easter.

  4. Well done on your test result!!

    As for the diet - do what works best for you & for your family. I don't see why you can't do both. Sometimes David & the kids might have to organise their own dinner but that's not the end of the world I am sure.