Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am happy.....

With my decision going vegetarian and the kids want to join me, yes I know the movie "Earthlings" is extreme and probably well hopefully not how we treat our livestock here in NZ, but I do know they still do not get treated very well in some places. It is not only that reason why I am changing, also for my health, after doing a humangous (sp) amount of reading, a vegetarian diet can do wonders for your health and CRPS. David is not so sure about giving up meat and that is fine with me it is his choice, but he said he will try everything we will try and after listening to some of the recipes I was reading out last night he is thinking hmmmm he may not miss meat so much so we will see..... lol. I have some cookbooks as I was vegetarian once before a few years ago, and there are so many yummy recipes on the net as well. So yesterday was my last day in eating meat. 

Here is a link about a lady who has CRPS and has changed her eating to Vegan and how successful it has been for her CRPS, it was this blog that got me thinking about changing a few months ago, if anyne is interested. 

Anyway onto today not much happening this morning, as the marathon is on in town - hopefully get to the Museum this afternoon to see Anne Frank thing. 

Oh and one more thing no matter what food plan we are doing, if we do it right then we will all get healthier.... it is just a matter of sticking to it, and every now and then tweaking it a bit if needed. 

Anyway back later :)

I have found some awesome recipes, for dinner tonight we are having fried rice, with vegetarian sausages (hope they taste nice), and am deep frying a little Camembert cheese as well, and we will have a tomato and cucumber salad, and thinking of making a dessert as we usually have one when the kids are here for dinner every second Saturday.

Today has been quiet, not done a lot just finding recipes...

Well the vegan sausages were well how do I put it - bloody disgusting, well thats a lie they taste was not to bad but the texture made me gag..... lol. So wont be buying those again.:)

Am still rearranging my blog a bit getting there to how I like it... :)

Day has ended well, which has been good. 


  1. I'm sure this is a good choice for you - just be careful to not add too many carbs where you replace meat. There are tons of gorgeous meals to eat for vegetarians :)

  2. If this helps your crps then its the right thing for you enjoy it Jackie. Have a great weekend :)

  3. Hmmmm! Not my choice. I wouldn't survive without meat but then I don't have crps.

    But I do have skin problems and an thinking I may have to do dairy free. Not ready to do that yet. How could I survive without whey protein, yoghurt not to mention cheese.

    Glad your family are happy and I'm sure you'll have fune with all the 'new' recipes.


  4. I just watched that movie - it certainly does not put me off eating meat at all. BUT it has convinced me that there is terrible cruelty in the world. I will look for more ethical meat - like the meat from a farm near Hamilton I have sourced where it is lovingly reared and humanly killed.

    A lot of that footage does not apply in New Zealand, thank goodness!! But I will look at many products with a new eye now. Humans can be so amazingly cruel.

    I still see no problem with free range chickens, freedom pork and organic, farm raised beef and lamb.

  5. Actually I've been listening to/reading a lot about being vegan etc and how is is great for the first while but people do get very weak and sick over time. I respect anyone who wants to be more ethical though. Don't give up on good eggs and dairy if can help it - those are the products vegans need!!

    I have just ordered a meat pack from Lake Farm Beef.If you were to have some meat check them out - talk about happy cows! I feel kind much happier eating happy animals, thank goodness we do not have many of the same animal practices here as shown in that movie.