Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am loving....

my blog, the colors, the relation to the sea just everything....

Anyway a new day and I have been supplied with a nice Holden with only 6000k's on the clock well my little car gets fixed well hope it is getting fixed have heard no different yet lol.

Today submit my assignment and cross fingers I at least get some marks for it :), then housework and not much else, Steph has to go to the optometrist this afternoon to see if she can get contacts.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to Tauranga/Mount so that should be nice, as the weather is still good apparently. It is ANZAC day here in New Zealand and Australia :)

My wrists are feeling better this morning had quite a bit of pain yesterday though but with pain relief managed to get a pretty good nights sleep. 

Anyway back later :)

Assignment is sent in so cant change it now even if I wanted too...... am pleased the bloody thing has gone. 

Though the mornings are cold it is another great day here weather wise :)

Oh yeah David and I have set a challenge, we have to buy 1 thing a month for the house that is a bit different, it is not to cost a lot and preferably from a quirky shop or second hand store.... and has to be something for the house.

Also tomorrow as it is ANZAC Day am thinking of making these Paleo Anzac biscuits.... will see how we go time wise as we all plan a sleep in (including the dogs especially Chico who has decided that 5am is her wake up time to go wee wee's outside, then having  yummy breakfast of sausages, bacon and egg and then head over to the Mount, sounds bliss :)


  1. I like the idea of getting something different for the house... that way it will become more of YOUR home and less of ... well you know what!

    Enjoy the beach tomorrow... I think we will be heading to a beach too.

  2. Those buscuits look great!! I may give them a go sometime.

    You are sounding just so much better lately Jackie - I'm even getting a feeling that you are in control or something. In the past you'd always say that you had a bad day eating wise but that you would do better the next day etc. You don't do that now, have you noticed?

    Have a lovely day tomorrow.