Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Middle of the working week for most.....

As you can see have changed the blog around again, think I like it not sure yet lol..... and as you can see from my list below I have already done the exercise :)

Yesterday's food was a great success and really enjoyed the dinner have some left over for my lunch today and enough for David for lunch tomorrow. The cabbage noodles were not to bad something I could get used to considering I hate cabbage lol. Dinner tonight is homemade burgers without the buns looking forward to it :)

Oh yeah the kids school had another fire again last night, this is the second time in just over the 2 years that we have lived here... first time they tried to burn down the brand new Science block and this time they burnt down a classroom, it had been attempted last week but they finished it off last night bloody wankers, hope they catch the sods. I am so over living here have I mentioned that before lol.... one day we will leave this place. 

Anyway catch you later :)

Study done, water consumed and food on track.... going out soon to get some groceries and some petrol to get the munchkins tomorrow :)

Have had a bit more of a fiddle and have added the Low Carb and CRPS link on a page above, think I am finally getting happy with the layout of the blog. 

There you Lee-Anne no longer low crab eating lol....

Todays Goals:

  • Exercise
  • Low Carb Eating
  • Drinking minimum 1 litre of water a day (To be increased gradually)
  • Study


  1. Glad you enjoyed your dinner last night :) Don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy your food. Hamburgers are deicious without buns - add everything you love!!

  2. Lol Jaxx. I didn't know you were crab eating.

    I didn't even know there was a fire up the school, even though the fire is right behind us. The problem being so close to the main highway we hear ALL the sirens and I think you just become a bit immune.

    Glad the low carbing is going well. That Nom Nom Paleo site is great for recipe ideas. It really gets you excited about cooking again.