Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday.... and then.....

Kids  are back to school :(, i am really enjoying them now they are older, well most of the time anyway lol.

Today I must finish that lab report, oh and speaking of study Sarah I wish it had been an exam I had passed but it was only the first assignment, anyway once the lab report is done, I will send it in tomorrow and then have Wednesday off with David and the kids and then Thursday to catch up on some much needed housework and then back into Friday study for the final two assignments. Then study my little butt off for the exams in June. Then back into it mid July for semester 2, which is going to be one hell of a lot tougher than Semester 1. 

Oh and great news accommodation deposit has been paid, we were going to come home on a Saturday but we are thinking we may make it a Sunday now give us an extra day lol....

Anyway kids to take to school etc, so better be off..... oh yeah have found some amazing blogs lately will post the links when I am done this report :)

Oh and 1 more thing, I am so glad I have come off all the meds for the first time in yonks I feel like I have a life again to look forward too.... I am no longer feeling like a zombie, I can think pretty clearly and to be honest the pain has not increased that much more... I just have to pace myself better this time round. Right now I am feeling pretty darn good and if this way of eating helps with pain hey who knows where I will be this time next year - oh yeah I will be at the Gold Coast soaking in the warmth and atmosphere :)

And what happened after dropping the kids of at school a car pranged into the back of me, so car now at the panel beaters being assessed and I need to pick up a rental car this afternoon, gee I am pleased I have paid the extra for a rental car with my insurance. Wheelchair is not damaged luckily.... anyway so lab report is well behind schedule now... oh and no-one was hurt except my arms are a bit sore now but hopefully wont get to bad. It was a schoolgirl who says she has 3rd party insurance so lets hope she does. Anyway time for breakfast and then to finish this stupid report.... which I am no longer in the mood for completing. 


  1. I'm delighted to hear about the reduction in pain. It would be really good if it is the change in diet but only time will tell I suppose.

    Meantime you can enjoy being med-free.


  2. That is fantastic that your pain is manageable at the moment!! I absolutely guarantee it will be better by eating an anti-inflammatory diet (which low carb is). Forget all the people who say it is bad for you, your body will tell you if it is good :)

  3. Gtreat going to be off those meds. They do mess with your head!!
    Pleased to hear that you have your holiday plans sorted....sounds great.
    Sheesh you certainly didn't need that car to bang you. Hope it gets sorted quickly and that you have no lasting effects from it.
    Take care :)

  4. Boo at somebody pranging into your car. Glad it's all got sorted out.

    It's so wonderful you are able to manage your pain. If what you eat helps the pain then good on it!

    I missed all the blog drama. My lord! Just like in real life, I try to keep away from drama on the internet as well.

    It's pretty snarky to talk about one blog in anothers comments though. Sheesh. This is only one of the reasons that I tend to think labels for eating a certain way or excluding any type of food just leads to extremism. Not because of the foods but because of the reaction to the labels.

    Eat any way you want:) Don't assume other people will feel the same benefits as you if they do. No one way is right for everyone and yay for anybody who finds the right way for them. I'm all for that!

    I'm an 'Everythingtarian'.