Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Now is it the bike or the food........

I am really wondering if it is the bike seat that is giving me the sore butt which is giving me constipation as it does hurt when I use it..... time to review the seat, maybe a pillow..... will think on it. 

Anyway this morning after a reasonable nights sleep I am feeling better, David and I are talking, so thats a start, the trip is back on for now, we have chosen accomadation at Broad beach an apartment overlooking the ocean.  We are planning to stay at Ocean Pacific Resort and trip adviser gives it a good rating so hopefully all good. 

Today I need to knuckle down and do some more study yesterday was a bit of a right off due to lack of concentration. I was really surprised at how well I ate yesterday though, stuck to the low carb food list well :). 

Exercise today not sure what it will be maybe a short walk will see or if I can get the bike seat comfortable maybe an exercycle....... 

Lee-Anne maybe I did come of the meds a bit quick but to late now to worry about that, tried the Clonidine patches again and took those of last night as well as they are burning my skin. The joys of coming of the gabapentin is that the sensitivity in my arms has returned as well as the pain, by the sensitivity I mean the burning pain and the irritation of anything on your skin, from something like a patch to clothing..... all I can do is play it day by day. So only pain relief for me right now is good old panadol  and tramadol oh and amatriptiline for at night to help with sleep. 

OMG this psychology lab report is doing my head in, it is on Short Term memory and I seem to be going around and around in circles...... for farks sake I hope I get it before next Wednesday when it is due...... for a year 1 paper it seems a hell of a lot harder than my year 3 papers I have ever had to do.

Todays Goals:

  • Drink 1.5 Litres of water
  • Study
  • Exercise
  • Eat well


  1. It really is trial and error and learning as you go. That's tough.

    Hope you get through today without any more serious effects.


  2. Good to hear the trip is back on...its a lovely resort :-)

  3. Glad you sorted everything out and your trip's back on track.

    I'd blame the seat on your bike. That's because I've always had problems with bike seats.

    Hope that tramadol doesn't knock you around too much.

  4. Oh that resort looks amazing and Broadbeach is a lovely area to stay.

  5. Hey Jax, I sent you a message on facebook, I took 100 level psyc papers last year, and did the same or similar lab report. I am happy to help you, good luck! x